our led volume



With our LED Volume, ultimate creativity and flexibility is at your fingertips! With custom Unreal Engine environments and sets, your vision will come reality. With Virtual Production, experience:

Real time VFX

Instantly see your effects in camera and make adjustments in real time. We utilize Vive Mars camera tracking in combination with Unreal Engine.

More Content In Less Time

Film multiple locations and sets in a single day without leaving the studio.

Environmental Control

In real time change lighting, set elements, and VFX. Choose from either filming static plates/images or filming with full Unreal Engine tracking and rendering.

experience the volume

Multiple locations? Not a problem with our LED Volume change destinations within seconds!

book the volume

make your vision come to life

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features of the volume


Nova A10S
Pro & MX40


40' x 12'


2.6 mm

*Through our sister company Lerner Productions, we have a vast inventory of LED and we can provide larger/custom sizes and finer pitch LED Volumes upon request.

unreal engine
& camera tracking

unreal engine 5

Take advantage of the most recent version of UE, Unreal Engine 5. Experience real time ray tracing and ultra realistic virtual environments.

camera tracking

Our standard camera tracking includes the versatile Vive Mars system. This features Genlock and seamlessly integrates with Unreal Engine. For larger productions, we also offer Mo-Sys tracking upon request.

immersive sets

Combine our LED volume with set design to create a realistic experience. Bring your own set, or hire our team to bring your vision to life!

Studio A & our LED Volume Studio are professionally sound treated with fiberglass acoustic panels to ensure clarity and eliminate unwanted reverb and sound reflections. Most importantly, our roof is treated with a special material to eliminate the sound of rainfall on our roof. Only extreme sounds such as emergency vehicle sirens outside or nearby thunder can be heard from inside our studio.

sound treated

service options

static content

Choose any photo or graphic background to fill the LED Volume.

dynamic content

Choose any video or motion graphic as your background.

camera tracking

Utilize a custom UE environment paired with real time tracking.

led volume

Let us come to you! Our team services productions nation wide.