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Studio B is a versatile and adaptable space that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as video interviews, photography, podcasting, music recording, voiceover, Foley & ADR audio recording, and much more!

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Be it a thunderstorm, airplane, or ambulance, rest assured you won't hear anything from inside Studio B! Surrounded by two independently isolated and sound-treated walls, and two soundproofed entrance doors, all outside sounds are eliminated. Inside, fiberglass sound panels line all the walls and ceiling along with floor rugs to minimize any sound reflections.


included amenities

This space is 24 ft. deep x 13 ft. wide and is equipped with a variety of features. The highlights include a grid at a height of 11 ft., a built-in Kino-flo lighting package, backdrops (black, white, and chroma-green seamless), and additional enhancements!

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