Our Studio amenities

studio a

Studio A is our main studio space that sports a 1600 Square Foot Double Infinity Cyc Wall as well as seamless paper backdrops that come with Studio A. The studio also comes with a manlift for easy access to the light grid rails above the studio.

Hair & Makeup 1

Just outside of Studio A, there is our Hair and Makeup room with full Hollywood-Style Light Vanity along with a second, full body mirror.

Hair & Makeup 2

Next to our HMU 1 is our second HMU/wardrobe room. Mounted on the wall is a flip out make up table that can also be stored flat against the wall to accommodate wardrobe racks.


Right next to our Hair & Makeup Room is our Greenroom. Need to take a rest or need a private room while you are here? Rest up in the Greenroom! The couch and the TV is yours during your rental. This room can even be used as a conference room for any meeting your may need while you are here.


Just outside of Studio A is our full service industrial kitchen complete with oven, stovetop, range hood, microwave, stainless steel counter tops, large industrial sink with overhead soak sprayer, fridge and freezer.


Our space comes with a bay door that measures 12' wide x 9' tall. Making it convenient for loading in and out gear, vehicles, and sets. We've brought everything from cars, to tractors, to motorcycles and vans inside the studio.