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Grip & Lighting Rental

Grip & Lighting Rates

Exceptional Quality, Always


Need more than just the studio?

We offer Grip & Lighting rentals for all of your studio needs right in house. Listed below are all the basics you need for the perfect shoot. 

Get Studio A with our Grip & Lighting package for $1200 flat rate for all of your grip and lighting needs while on set. 

Additionally, if you prefer, any lights can be added to your studio rental a la carte.



9x Standard C-Stands

2x Baby C-Stands

4x Baby Stands

2x Combo Triple Riser Stands w/Jumbo Grip Heads

1x Combo Triple Riser Stand w/Jumbo Grip Head/Wheels

3x Combo Dual Riser Stand w/Wheels

Hardware & Accessories

2x Cardellini Clamps

4x Mafer Clamp 2x 4x4 open frames

2x Baby wall plate

2x Junior pipe clamps

2x Baby pipe clamps

4x Telescoping hangers w stirrups (trombone)

16x Sandbags

6x Various Sided VFlats

Assorted Speed Rail w/Accessories

2x Aputure NOVA P300c's RGBWW LED Panel w/ Chimera Softboxes and 40° Snapgrid

1x Aputure 1200D
2x Nanlite Forza 150B

2x Quasar Q-50R 4' LED RBG Tube Light

2x 4' 4 bank Kino Flo (daylight and tungsten tubes)

2x 2' 4 bank Kino Flo (daylight and tungsten tubes)

2x 4' 8 bank Kino Flo (daylight and tungsten tubes)

9x Tungsten 1000 watt China balls

Leprechaun 1800 watt tree pack dimmers (DMX controlled only)

Optional Add-Ons:

2x Arri Skypanel S60C2x ETC Source 4 Leko's 575 Watt
4x ETC Source 4 Leko's 750 Watt 

(Assortment of 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, and Source 4 zoom 25-50)

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