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About Northline Studios

Based in Houston TX, Northline Studios is proud to open our doors to anyone with the need for flexible and convenient studio. We offer complete solutions for individuals and companies in need of professional equipment, environments, and amenities for their productions. Through hard work and perseverance, are studio space has become the go-to studio for our clients. We are eagerly looking forward to serving all our clients both now and in the future at Northline Studios. 


Studio A is our main studio space that sports a 1600 Square Foot Double Infinity Cyc Wall as well as seamless paper backdrops that come with Studio A. The studio also comes with a manlift for easy access to the light grid rails above the studio. 

The Space

Studio A

Hair & Makeup

Just outside of Studio A, there is our Hair and Makeup room with full Hollywood-Style Light Vanity along with a second, full body mirror. 



Right next to our Hair & Makeup Room is our Greenroom. Need to take a rest or need a private room while you are here? Rest up in the Greenroom! The couch and the TV is yours during your rental. This room can even be used as a conference room for any meeting your may need while you are here. 


Just outside of Studio A is our full service industrial kitchen complete with oven, stovetop, range hood, microwave, stainless steel counter tops, large industrial sink with overhead soak sprayer, fridge and freezer. 


Studio B

Just around the corner from the Greenroom is Studio B. Studio B is our 480 Square Foot soundproof sound stage, great for audio critical work like podcasts, music recordings ect. This studio space can also be transformed to shoot videos and photos with seamless paper backdrops within Studio B and built in overhead Kino Flo lights. 

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